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June 2013 – 2014

Council of Academy Presidents

The Council of Academy Presidents is composed of the presidents of the AAPS affiliated Academies of Medicine. The council oversees and establishes standards for the activities of all AAPS Academies of Medicine.

Graeme A. Browne, M.D., FAAEP, Member
Michael A. Cohen, D.O., Member
David P. Kalin, M.D., Member
Edna Z. Mahmood, M.D., FAASS, Member
Allen R. Prince, D.O., FAASOS, Member
Roger Rousseau, M.D., P.A., Chair
Svetlana Rubakovic, M.D., Member
Martin E. Thornton, D.O, Member
American Academy of Anesthesiologists (AAA)
Solomon Behar, M.D., FAAA, President-Elect
Michael A. Cohen, D.O., President
Jeffrey T. Follansbee, M.D., Secretary and Representative to AAPS Board of Directors
Maxine O’Dell Gernert, D.Min., Public Member
DeAnn W. Isackson, M.D., DDS, Vice President
Jonathan H. Salewski, D.O., Governor

American Academy of Specialists in Dermatology (AAD)
William G. Anderson, D.O., Governor
Thomas C. Balshi, M.D., President-Elect
Mehdi Farshad Derambakhsh, M.D., Governor
Elizabeth Dimitri, D.O., Governor
Lori F. Honeycutt, M.D., Governor
Robert Ilowite, D.O., FAASD, Vice President
Svetlana Rubakovic, M.D., President
Kenneth A. Wallace, III, M.D., Representative to AAPB Board of Directors

American Academy of Disaster Medicine (AADM)
Graeme A. Browne, M.D., FAAEP, Governor
Robert J. Ferry, Jr., M.D., Governor
Bruce R. Guerdan, M.D., Governor
Karl D. Kelley, M.D., Vice President and Representative to AAPS Board of Directors
Lewis W. Marshall, Jr., M.D., J.D., FAAEP, President-Elect
Frank J. Nocilla, M.D., Governor
Geoffrey Simmons, M.D., Vice President
James W. Terbush, M.D., MPH, Governor
Martin E. Thornton, D.O., President

American Academy of Emergency Physicians (AAEP)
Graeme A. Browne, M.D., President
Robert T. Bonham, M.D., Membership Chair
Terrance L. Baker, M.D., M.S., Representative to AAPS Board of Directors
Kenneth M. Flowe, M.D., FAAEP, Secretary
Michael K. Garey, M.D., Immediate Past President
Vincent L. Imbriani, M.D., Governor
Otto Marquez, M.D., Governor
Leslie Mukau, M.D., FAAEP, Governor
Geoffrey L. Ruben, M.D., Governor

American Academy of Specialists in Family Practice (AASFP)
Sylmara E. Chatman, M.D., Secretary
Dom U. Chibueze, M.D., Vice President
David Kalin, M.D., President
Asaf R. Qadeer, M.D., Representative to AAPS Board of Directors
Isaac S. Yoon, M.D., President-Elect

American Academy of Internal Medicine (AAIM)
Scott G. Barnes, D.O., FAAIM, Governor
Jasmine Chao, D.O., FAAIM, Secretary
Stephen M. Damiani, D.O., FAAIM, Vice President
Surinder K. Kad, M.D., FAAIM, Representative to the AAPS Board of Directors
Thomas G. Pelz, D.O., FAAIM, Governor
Roger Rousseau, M.D., P.A., President

American Academy of Specialists in Orthopedic Surgery (AASOS)
Abdul Qayyum Ahmed, M.D., Governor
Joseph C. Gallagher, D.O., FAASOS, Representative to AAPS Board of Directors
Jonathan C. Gordon, M.D., Secretary
Gordon A McLiman, II, D.O., Governor
Stephen A. Montes, D.O., FAASOS, Vice President
Allen R. Prince, D.O., FAASOS, President

American Academy of Radiology (AAR)
Gilbert Daniel, M.D., FAAR, Secretary
Joe F. Jacobs, M.D., Representative to AAPS Board of Directors
Karanita M.C. Ojomo, M.D., FAAR, President
Luis A. Tizol, M.D., Vice President

American Academy of Specialists in Surgery (AASS)
Daniel M. Avery, M.D., FAASS, Representative to AAPS Board of Direcotrs
David E. Brown, D.O., FAASS, President-Elect
Sade B. Kosoko-Lasaki, M.D.,  FAASS, Vice President
Edna Z. Mahmood, M.D., FAASS, President
Celeste M. Miller-Parish, D.O., FAASS, Secretary
Rafeak Muhammad, M.D., Governor