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National Initiative Fund (NIF)

National Initiative Fund LogoAAPS established the National Initiative Fund (NIF) which is an arm of AAPS that focuses solely on representing the interests of its Diplomates and members before U.S. Congress, state legislatures, state and federal courts, state medical boards, insurance companies, hospitals, health plans and hospital systems.

NIF is funded solely by donations from its Diplomates and members to further their legislative and legal interests.

In addition, the AAPS Board of Directors acknowledges the following Diplomates and Members for their generous financial supportĀ  which continues to significantly impact the success of this program.

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NIF Twelve Hundred Club

Thomas C. Balshi, MD

Scott Barnes, DO, FAAIM

James Byrne, DO

Giovanna Ciocca, MD

Kenneth Flowe, MD, FAAEP, MBA

Daniel Garza, MD

Kenneth D. Glaeser, MD

Jonathan C. Gordon, MD

Surrinder K. Kad, MD, FAAIM, MPH,MBA

Bart E. Maggio, DO, FAASS

Kenneth Quenneville, MD

Frank Hall Reynolds, II, MD

Anthony Russo, Jr., DO, FAAA

F. Michael Schultz, MD, FAAEP, FAAOG

Click here for a complete list of our NIF contributors