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NIF Advocates For Choice in Board Certification

Furthering the integrity of your ABPS board certification is an ongoing top priority of the organization. Recently, the AAPS Foundation underwrote a whitepaper about the American Board of Medical Specialties’ (ABMS) dominance over certification. This whitepaper explores antitrust concerns regarding such dominance in physician certification that NIF will use in its advocacy efforts. Please consider donating to NIF today by clicking here. Your donation could make all the difference advancing your certification.

National Initiative Fund (NIF)


The National Initiative Fund (NIF) was created to strategically advance recognition of ABPS Member Boards. NIF enables staff to work  continually to create awareness and solidify recognition of all ABPS Board Certifications with influential stakeholders, including the U.S. Congress, state legislators, state medical boards, hospital systems and health plans.


One impactful and direct result of NIF activities is the recent inclusion of ABPS in the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook. The DOL now defines multi-specialty physician board certification in the United States as ABMS, AOA and ABPS.


NIF certification advancement efforts are funded solely by donations from ABPS Diplomates and Members. Please seriously consider contributing to NIF to help bolster our activities on your behalf.

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To donate to NIF, please call (813) 433 -2277

The 2022 Panel Discussion on ABPS Recognition that takes place during the Annual Scientific Meeting on Sunday June 12th, is generously sponsored by Craig Singer MD Dermatology.

Contributions or gifts made to the American Association of Physician Specialties, (AAPS) and/or to the National Initiative Fund (NIF) are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.  Any such payments by members of a professional association such as the AAPS may be deductible under Section 162 of the IRS code as an ordinary business expense.  Please consult your tax advisor for specific information on the deductibility of such payments.