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Enhance Your Career: Tips for Building Your Professional Recognition

ABPS board certification unequivocally demonstrates a physician’s specialty specific knowledge and understanding. As an ABPS Diplomate, your board certification is concrete evidence of your clinical knowledge and command of scientific concepts and medical procedures.

Physician board certification personifies your credibility. It communicates to patients, colleagues, employers, and managed care companies that you are motivated, knowledgeable and committed to quality; valuable assets to any team.

Foster Increased Recognition for Your Certification

ABPS certification provides you a substantial framework to present the indisputable evidence of your qualifications. You raise the profile and perception of physician board certification by explaining to the world what your certification is about; a demonstration of your knowledge, experience and skills to provide high quality patient care in your specific specialty.

Be a Leader in Your Medical Community

Certification adds an important credential to your CV designating you as a dedicated and committed health care community leader. Certification enables you to stay current in your position and promote high standards in your specialty. Whether your medical community is local or global, virtual or real-life, take advantage to show your leadership qualities with well-honed volunteer skills. Volunteer opportunities may include:

  1. hospital by-law committees
  2. state medical boards
  3. political campaigns
  4. state, county, and specialty medical societies
  5. healthcare advisory committees
  6. editorial boards of medical journals
  7. managed care organization, i.e. third-party payers
  8. ABPS leadership role

Incorporating the ABPS Diplomate Certification Service Mark into your marketing communications can also raise the profile of your certification. Please visit the ABPS website at for service mark usage guidelines. Below are some opportunities:

  • advertising
  • news releases/public relations
  • in-office marketing materials
  • patient outreach
  • newsletter articles
  • website listings
  • trade shows
  • social media

Inspire Others

Finally, by demonstrating the value of board certification you also encourage others to become certified or recertified. The American Association of Physician Specialists, (AAPS) the governing association of ABPS, provides a framework of support to enhance your career. If you need additional guidance in building your professional recognition, contact Jeff Morris, JD at (813) 433-2277 or AAPS is willing to help each of us in our professional pursuits. Just ask!