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Recognition for Emergency Medicine Fellowships

Teaching hospitals and medical schools that offer Emergency Medicine fellowships can receive recognition through the American Academy of Emergency Physicians (AAEP) Fellowship Recognition Program. Completion of an approved fellowship is one of the criteria for physicians to be eligible to take the board certification exam with the Board of Certification in Emergency Medicine (BCEM). The AAEP’s program provides recognition to specific fellowships that have achieved a level of training for physicians to demonstrate competency and mastery of the specialty.

The BCEM is a member board of the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS), which is the official multi-specialty certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, (AAPS). In order for teaching hospitals or medical schools to be recognized by the AAEP, there are several institutional considerations that must be met. These include:

  • Demonstrated proof that participating physicians work under the supervision of faculty members who are experienced in all aspects of Emergency Medicine.
  • Appropriate program organization for the conduct of medical education in a scholarly environment.
  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence in both education and medical care.
  • Appropriate leadership and resources to ensure that the educational requirements can be met.
  • Regular assessments to demonstrate that the quality of the educational program is maintained.

Institutional leaders who are interested in receiving AAEP recognition for their emergency medicine fellowship(s) can email or (813) 433-2277, to learn more about the AAEP Fellowship Recognition Program.

To see the list of currently recognized fellowship programs, please click here.