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Academies of Medicine

  • American Academy of Anesthesiology
  • American Academy of Specialists in Dermatology
  • American Academy of Disaster Medicine
  • American Academy of Emergency Physicians
  • American Academy of Specialists in Family Medicine
  • American Academy of Specialists in Internal Medicine
  • American Academy of Specialists in Orthopedic Surgery
  • American Academy of Radiology
  • American Academy of Specialists in Surgery

AAPS affiliated Academies of Medicine are established to:

  • Promote the highest intellectual, moral and ethical standards of practice within the specialty
  • Promote and provide continuing education for members
  • Promote study, research and improvement of the specialty
  • Recognize excellence via awards to Diplomate members (Physician of the Year and Degree of Fellow)
  • Elect members to the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) affiliated Boards of Certification specialties

Enrollment in the Specialty Academy of Medicine

Academies are the fundamental units in which new physicians become a member of the entire organization and connect with AAPS members who share similar, if not identical, interests in a field of medicine. AAPS bylaws require that the “Association shall enroll each person accepted as a member of the Association as a member of the affiliated academy which represents, most closely, the member’s area of practice and interests.” New members may be assigned to more than one Academy based upon training and experience.

Diplomate Members

Diplomates are members of the Academy who have been certified by the ABPS Board of Certification in the same specialty. Upon achieving Diplomate status, members partake in privileges not available to other Academy members. Diplomate members may be elected to serve as an officer or governor of the affiliated academy, and therefore, eligible to vote for members of the ABPS Board of Certification in the same specialty. In addition, only Diplomates may be selected by the academy to receive the Physician of the Year award or the Degree of Fellow designation.

Council of Academy Presidents

The Council of Academy Presidents (CAP) is composed of each academy president and provides a forum to meet and explore issues involving the association. The role of the CAP include:

  • Oversee and guide the direction of the professional academies recognized by, and affiliated with the association, to facilitate each Academy’s promotion of the highest intellectual, moral and ethical standards in the practice of the medical specialty, or specialties represented by the respective academies.
  • Establish criteria and submit recommendations to the AAPS Board of Directors with respect to the creation, recognition and affiliation of other professional academies.
  • Establish, with AAPS Board of Directors approval, standards required for the Degree of Fellow designation.
  • Advise and inform the AAPS Boards of Directors of initiatives and activities related to the educational and professional purpose of the academies.

Promotion of State-Based Activity

A state-based member initiative was launched in 2002 by the Council of Academy Presidents, with the believe that issues involving members could be resolved via communication within a state rather than through specialty-based groups. These state-based activities will complement, not replace or compete with, specialty-based academy activities. Therefore, the academy presidents currently contact members in their home state(s) to encourage communication. Thereby allowing AAPS members to share solutions to problems encountered by member physicians.