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The American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc: Giving Physicians a Choice – and a Voice – in Board Certification and Recertification

The American Association of Physician Specialists® (AAPS) was formed in 1950 to provide physicians both a choice and a voice in board certification. In the early days, the options were limited for qualified physicians who wanted to pursue board certification and recertification, and the AAPS was founded to address a clear lack of options for experienced MDs and DOs. Since those early days, the American Board of Physician Specialties, which is governed by the AAPS, has grown to be the third largest, nationally recognized physician certifying body in North America, with Diplomates in all 50 states as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

The goal of the AAPS is straightforward. The organization was founded to provide practicing physicians with extensive experience in their specialty the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the core competencies related to their field. Make no mistake, the eligibility requirements for certification through the ABPS are stringent and are designed to ensure that our Diplomates represent the very best in their chosen field. As board certification is increasingly being prioritized among prospective patients, employers, hospital groups, insurance companies, and other stakeholders, it is exceedingly important to ensure that the ABPS certification standards are beyond reproach. While eligibility requirements must vary from one specialty board to another, in general, ABPS Diplomates have extensive experience in their specialty, are licensed to practice medicine, and have completed an approved residency or internship in their field, and have successfully completed an ABPS rigorous, psychometrically validated examination.

Yet, while the application process is rigorous, the benefits to being board certified through the ABPS are numerous. The AAPS was founded to provide physicians with opportunities to grow in their specialty. Board certification has become a trusted barometer for prospective patients and employers to use to identify the very best in the business. Furthermore, many ABPS Diplomates are leaders in the healthcare industry – physicians who oversee active practices, serve in hospital management, and run healthcare organizations. ABPS also works diligently to listen to the needs, opinions, and recommendations of all of its Diplomates in order to effectively communicate their expertise to legislators, hospital CEOs, and fellow physicians. Plus, ABPS board certified physicians are members of a distinguished community where best practices are shared and networking opportunities are extensive.

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