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Updates in Infectious Disease

June 27 & June 28, 2016
Subject to Change

Antony Photosq

Suresh Jude Antony, MD, FACP, FRCP

MRSA – Overview of Pathogenesis and Recent Treatment Options


Terrance Lee Baker, MD, MS, FAAEP

Laser Therapy – The Growing Role of Medical Therapeutic Lasers in the Care and Treatment of Patients Presenting with Infectious Disease

CoopersqArthur Cooper, MD, MS, FAADM

Epidemiology 101: Understanding the Nature and Behavior of Epidemic Illness

CordisqHeidi P. Cordi, MD, FACEP, FAADM

Mosquito-Borne Illness: Killer Bites, an Itch in Time

GreinersqJack V. Greiner, DO, PhD, FAASS

The Ocular Surface and Infectious Disease

GuerdansqBruce R. Guerdan, MD, MPH

Biological Agents – Weapons of Warfare and Terrorism


Carol J. Iddins, MD &
Heidi P. Cordi, MD, FACEP, FAADM

Super Bugs! Multi-Drug Resistance in the 21st Century


Surinder K. Kad, MD, FAAIM, MPH, MBA

Recent Advances in Management of Septic Shock in ICU and Early Detection and Management of Leptospirosis

LissesqBrian A. Lisse, MD

Malaria, What’s New?

MarciniaksqDouglas L. Marciniak, DO, FAAIM

Update on Cardiovascular Infections

MukausqLeslie Mukau, MD, FAAEP, FACEP

Beg your pardon SIRS! Isn’t this Voodoo Medicine? Reasons for Caution in the Era of Regulatory Mandates for Sepsis Care

Nocilla photoFrank J. Nocilla, MD

Prevalent Infections After Disasters Strike With Treatment or Mitigation

OkaforsqJoachin U. Okafor, MD

Infectious Disease in Travel Medicine: “Do You Know Your Destination Risks?”

RodneysqWm. MacMillan Rodney, MD

Hidden Costs and Psychosocial Issues Limiting Antibiotic Effectiveness

SingersqCraig Evan Singer, MD

Update in Syphilis 2016

Catherine Avery Skinner, MD

Update in Infectious Diseases During Pregnancy – Prevention and Treatment

ThorntonsqMartin E. Thornton, DO, FAAEP, FAADM

Rabies: Emerging Disease in North America


Emergency Medicine Breakout

Ahmed MuhammadMuhammad A. Ahmed, MD, FAAEP

Sepsis: Less is More

 CordisqHeidi P. Cordi, MD, FACEP, FAADM

Measles: Catchy

Kohut, Paul Picture

Paul Kohut, DO

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Transportation of the Emergent and Non-Emergent Patients with Infectious Diseases


Hoshang Pormir, MD

Massive Hemoptysis Due to Atypical Mycobacteria

YatessqMichelle Y. Yates, MD

Impact of Accelerated Global Travel in Infectious Disease