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Challenges in Current Medical Practice
 June 25 & June 26, 2018
Subject to Change

Terrance Lee Baker, MD, MS, FAAEP
Potential Challenges to Professionalism, Personal Conduct and Licensure for Clinical PractitionersRecent Advances in the Clinical Application and Efficacy of Laser Therapy
Arthur Cooper, MD, MS, FAADM
Applied Medical Ethics I: Decisional Incapacity or Poor Judgment – Who Decides?Healthcare Incident Management Systems: Making Method Out of Madness
Heidi P. Cordi, MD, FACEP, FAADM
Opioids: Reversing the Epidemic – A Public Health Crisis
Lena D. Edwards, MD
Beyond Adrenal Fatigue: An Evidence-Based Approach to the Pathophysiology of Low Cortisol States
Juan A. Fernandez, MD
Improving Optimal Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease
Lorraine M. Giordano, MD, FACEP, FAADM
Are You Ready for the Next Disaster? – Preparedness 101
Jack V. Greiner, DO, PhD, FAASS
Eye Pain Management
Bruce R. Guerdan, MD, MPH
Prepare, Respond, Recover – Hurricane Irma – Key WestUnited States Air Force Aeromedical Evacuation – A Critical Disaster Response Resource
Carol J. Iddins, MD
Medical Resources, Triage, and Treatment for Radiological/Nuclear Incidents
Mina Makary, MD, FACP, BCMAS
A Way to Hit the 100% Query Response Rate
Leslie Mukau, MD, FAAEP, FACEP
Getting Beyond Thrombolysis: Evolving Clinical Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS)
Yanire Nieves, MD
Complementary and Integrative Care Approaches to Chronic Pain: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Frank J. Nocilla, MD
Sepsis: The Moving Target
Catherine Avery Skinner, MD
Opioid Use in Pregnancy and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Marlene R. Wolf, MD
Targeting the Patient Experience
Celeste T. Worth, MCHES
KY LEADS Collaborative to National Center for Lung Cancer Education – Helping Providers Impact the Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths

Emergency Medicine Track

Muhammad A. Ahmed, MD, FAAEP
“Opioid Epidemic” – From Poppy to Fentanyl
Alex John Beuning, MD
Update on Clinical Decision Tools in Chest Pain
Kevin M. Clarke, MD
Mindfulness and Contemplation: The Cure for ED Burnout
Jack B. Davidoff, MD
Air Medicine: History and Current Uses in Everyday and Disaster Situations
Hilary McClafferty, MD
Leadership and Physician Wellbeing: Are You On Track?
Leslie Mukau, MD, FAAEP, FACEP
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR): A Transformative and Evolving Paradigm Shift Within the Framework of Disaster Management and Response
Adam Carlton Perry, MD
Emergency Geriatrics: Guidelines and Accreditation for Emergency Care of Older Adults
Michael S. Siclari, MD, MPH
Stop the Bleeding – Use of Tourniquets for Control of Extremity Hemorrhage – Lessons Learned from Military Medicine
Mathew K. Thomas, MD
Variation in Analgesic Prescription Pattern Between Physicians and Mid-Level Providers in Emergency Room
Patrick A. Wolf, DO
Rationale for Implementation of Primary Care EM Fellowship Program – The Marshfield Clinic/Rice Lake Experience