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Back and Neck Pain in Gynecologists


Objective: To determine if back and/or neck pain is common in gynecologists.
Study Design: A 19-question survey was sent to 332 gynecologists listed with the state OB/GYN society. One hundred fifty-nine surveys were returned (47.9%). Descriptive statistical analyses were performed on this sample of 159 gynecologists to study the characteristics of those who experience back and/or neck pain.
Results: Ninety-two of the 159 (57.8%) gynecologists reported back and/or neck pain. The percentages were similar for men (57.3%) and women (61.8%). Physicians experiencing fatigue were more likely to suffer from back and/or neck pain than those who did not. Pain increases with years in practice.
Conclusion: This is a small study, but it suggests that back and/or neck pain is common in gynecologists. Robotic procedures could be the ergonomic answer to the occupational hazards of back and/or neck pain in gynecologists, but this will require more study.