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Older Patients’ Perception and Experience with Lifestyle Changes Following Cardiac Revascularization


Objective: To describe patients’ perception and experience related to  lifestyle change after coronary revascularization.

Background: Engaging in lifestyle change is crucial to realizing the benefits of cardiac revascularization. However, patients often fail to adhere to lifestyle change recommendations after cardiac revascularization. Method: A qualitative study of 30 patients following cardiac revascularization was conducted. Data were collected by telephone using a semi-structured interview questionnaire.

Results: The average age of the patients was 73.9 (± 6.0) years. The majority of patients denied that they had a chronic heart condition, even though some had repeated coronary revascularization. Given the false assumption that coronary revascularization had “fixed” their heart problems, patients failed to perceive the critical need to make lifestyle changes. In addition, the relationship with healthcare providers was perceived as an important factor to help patients recognize the need for lifestyle change.