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Dengue Fever/Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever


In September 2009 the first documented, locally acquired cases of Dengue Fever in eighty years were diagnosed in individuals living in or visiting Key West, Florida. Dengue Fever is a mosquito-borne viral illness found throughout the tropics. There are four serotypes of the disease, which is accepted as the most common arthropod-borne disease in the world. Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and Dengue Shock Syndrome are clinical variants of this disease, which have significant morbidity and mortality. Aedes aegypti is the mosquito species which carries the  disease. A aegypti breeds exclusively in standing fresh water and bites humans exclusively. The disease has a large percentage of clinically asymptomatic cases. When symptomatic, common symptoms are frontal headache, fever, and severe musculoskeletal pain. There are no currently approved vaccines.