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A Case Report on the Recurrence of Lemierre’s Syndrome: Awareness to Diagnosis and Treatment


In 1936, Andrew Lemierre described a syndrome that now bears his name. He presented 20 cases of postanginal septicemia in healthy young adults that involved an acute oropharyngeal infection complicated by septic thrombophlebitis and metastatic infection.1,2 In recent years, more cases of Lemierre’s syndrome have re-emerged, thus bringing back into the spotlight the importance of prompt diagnosis and treatment.3 Because of its previous rarity, clinicians may overlook and miss the diagnosis at the initial presentation. Mortality has been estimated at 15% to 18%, and the disease itself has been associated with significant morbidity.4,5 It is crucial that clinicians have a high index of suspicion and heightened awareness of signs and symptoms associated with this disease. Early recognition and treatment invariably leads to optimal outcome.