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Undulant Fever in ED: A Case Report


Brucellosis is the most common zoonosis worldwide. It is an uncommon entity in humans in the United States, with Texas reporting a third of cases. It is difficult to diagnose and hence can be easily missed. If not recognized and treated in a timely manner, brucellosis can lead to serious complications including death. The majority of cases in the United States are linked to consumption of unpasteurized dairy products imported from Mexico or travel to endemic areas. All health care providers should keep this infection in mind while dealing with patients presenting with fever. Clinicians should be vigilant and investigate for recent travel, consumption of unpasteurized dairy products, and animal exposure in these patients. More importantly, this pathogen can be used as a biological weapon as well. The article depicts a case of acute brucellosis in a patient who presented to an emergency room with a low-grade fever and nonspecific symptoms. Additionally, it reviews the crucial information regarding brucellosis and emphasizes important points on how to avoid misdiagnosis.