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BCUCM® Offers Physician Board Certification in Urgent Care Medicine

BCUCM® Offers Physician Board Certification in Urgent Care Medicine

Tampa, FL — The American Board of Physicians Specialties® (ABPS) recently announced the formation of the newly developed Board of Certification in Urgent Care Medicine® (BCUCM).  BCUCM will offer board certification to physicians interested in advancing urgent care medicine and meeting the rigorous standards and requirements of ABPS.

“Urgent care medicine is one of the fastest growing medical specialties because of rising public demand for convenient and timely access to episodic medical care,” said Mark Rogers, M.D., a founding member of BCUCM from Morgantown, WV.  “The practice of urgent care has become increasingly important in the overall healthcare delivery system and requires a skill set and knowledge base that integrates with, but is distinct from that of other specialties,” he said.

Urgent care services are designed to close the gap in patient care between emergency and primary care. Patients choose urgent care when they are unable to see their regular doctor in a timely fashion and when a visit to a hospital emergency department is not warranted.

Another BCUCM founding member, David L. Pick, M.D., of Weston FL, said “We are proud to offer urgent care certification in an effort to advance the practice of this specialty and said, “The BCUCM certification examination was developed methodically over the past 18 months and is managed by Diplomates from Member Boards of ABPS, ABMS, and AOABOS.”

BCUCM certification is available to both allopathic and osteopathic physicians in the United States and Canada who have completed residency training in an existing specialty and have significant experience in urgent care. As with all ABPS board certification examinations, the BCUCM exam is psychometrically valid. Complete eligibility requirements are available online at

ABPS is keenly aware of new trends and changes in the practice of medicine. In addition to urgent care, ABPS has been innovative in establishing industry leading boards of certification in disaster medicine, hospital medicine and family medicine obstetrics.

BCUCM is a Member Board of ABPS, the official certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc (AAPS).with headquarters in Tampa, FL  ABPS offers board certification to eligible physicians in 17 medical specialties and has Diplomates in the United States and Canada. More information is available online at and